Thursday, January 10, 2013

Potential MSFT trade

I'm interested in MSFT for a potential bounce (just like it did last January) going into earnings on 24th Jan. Its been range bound been 26.20-27.80 since last November. There is huge support level at 26 and gap fill going back to Jan12, so it may be a worthwhile taking a long position at 26.20 (if it gets there tomorrow) with a stop  just 25.75 level or even 25.50 if you thinking really long term (i might for IRA). MSFT intraday at the lows looks fairly interesting as well with lot of volume on the up bars. Put/Call ratio for Jan also favors the bulls. If it bounces we should see top of the range at 27.80 for a risk/reward ratio of 3:1.  You may also be interested in selling some puts on this or buy long term calls. 

Remember I had called the bottom in INTC at 19.40 few months ago. Only wish I had held it a little longer :)

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