Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Analysis and Stock Ideas for 1/29/2013

Daily Analysis -
Yet another flattish market day. We continue to consolidate around the SPY 150 area. Market now just seems to be waiting for a catalyst to move. With key earnings out of the way, the catalyst could be FOMC meeting and jobless claims later in the week. This flat market however offers nice opportunity to trade on the setups. Some of the setups I highlighted in my weekly watchlist already triggered including BIDU, NVDA and YPF. Look for continuation.

SPY levels
Resistance -  150.20, 150.70
Support - 149, 148.42, 147.40, 146.30, 146, 145.60, 144.50, 144, 143.06


I made couple trades today only.  Took NFLX short on the break 3rd break of 170, which worked out perfectly for $7+ gains. Also took RKUS short at 24.50. Still holding my RKUS short positions.

Sectors to watch -

Financials - Still look to be in digestion mode.
Techs - Bounce on AAPL today. FB and LNKD looked really strong.
Retail -Mixed bag.
Semi's - Watching SWKS, QCOM and BRCM

Trade Ideas -
Here are some trade ideas for tomorrow. These are for short term trades only, i won't swing them -

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